Over 2,000 Years Old – Michigan Lottery Keno is as Popular as Ever
In two years, the Michigan Lottery will celebrate its 50-year anniversary. Since that first Green Ticket was sold on November 13, 1972, the Michigan Lottery Commission has channeled over $23 billion into Michigan’s School Aid Fund.

Instant game tickets were first sold in the fall of 1975. The Michigan Lottery started selling terminal-based drawing games in June 1977. In 1996, the Michigan Lottery joined the wildly popular multi-jurisdictional draw games.

The Michigan Lottery started to offer another exciting game that combines aspects of instant games and draw games. In 1990, the Michigan Lottery began offering Keno games. Keno is a fun number-matching game that can change your life in an instant.

What is Keno?

Part of the reason Keno games took time to enter the state lottery scene was their association with gambling. Keno has aspects of draw-style lottery games blended with an element of chance. Keno games have been popular in casinos for years.

In fact, the origins of Keno date back more than 2,000 years. The word Keno has roots in French and Latin. Despite the reference of the word itself, most agree the concept of the game started in China.

The Chinese used characters instead of numbers. The Chinese version of keno used these ideograms based on the “Qianziwen” or Book of a Thousand Characters. Accounts of early Chinese lottery-style games say it was called “Baige Paio” or white pigeon ticket.

This name points to an association with an ancient Chinese betting game that involved homing pigeons. Many historians contend that a Keno-style was used to generate funds to build The Great Wall of China beginning around 200 BC.

By all accounts, Keno drifted into North America around the middle of the 19th century. Replacing the characters with 80 numbers and calling Keno, the game became extraordinarily popular in Houston, Texas.

For years, Keno was played in using the names of racehorses, because lottery-type games were still illegal. In 1951, Nevada gambling laws changed, and almost instantly the 80 number lottery game Keno exploded.

The Michigan Lottery initiated their first Keno game in 1990. Keno was only available at licensed retail outlets until the Michigan Lottery website was re-launched in 2014. Two Keno games still exist for in-store purchase only, but now there are five exciting Keno versions available online.

What Are the Most Popular Michigan Lottery Keno Games?

A standard match 10 of 22 Keno game is available for in-store only purchases. There is also the extremely popular Club Keno. Club Keno is certainly a lottery player favorite because of the possibility of a $2 million prize jackpot.

The online Keno games at the Michigan Lottery have grown to be some of the most popular of all the games. Instant Keno Multiplier and Instant Keno are two Michigan lottery player favorites.

Both of these favorites have tremendous top prize potential, but the Instant Keno Multiplier adds another element of surprise. Instant Keno Multiplier adds star numbers. Match two star numbers and your prize amount triples.

Match three star numbers and you’ll win 10 times the prize indicated on your Keno ticket. A new version of Keno launched recently. The Michigan Lottery added Top Shot Keno. Beyond having a $500,000 potential top prize jackpot, there are other ways to win.

When the final number drawn turns out to be the largest on your ticket, the Top Shot feature opens. Additional potential winning numbers will be drawn. These additional number chances improve your chances of winning, plus they multiply the prizes already won.

How to Play Keno Games on the Michigan Lottery

Playing Michigan Lottery games online is the same for a PC or mobile device. You start at the bottom right-hand menu. Click on the menu button, and then choose the gear icon. This will take you to the Keno game adjustment page.

This is where you choose your ticket price and select your game numbers. The ticket cost is selected using a slider. Choose a ticket price, and then close out that popup window. Next, you pick your numbers for your ticket.

All you do is tap on the numbers you want to select. You can also use the “Quick Pick” option that will randomly pick your numbers for you. Each Keno ticket allows you to choose between 3 and 10 numbers.

Once completed, your ticket is automatically ready to play. Each game of Keno selects a total of 20 random numbers. Winning tickets and corresponding prizes depend on the ticket cost and how many you match.

Zero matching numbers earn a free in-store game ticket. Prior to finalizing your ticket purchase, you can select CLEAR to erase all your selected numbers and start over. There is no limit on how many times you can start over.

At the top of the Keno board is a prize bar. Click on this bar to view the prize table. The prize table depends on how many number spots you decided to choose for this ticket. Once you’re done here, click on the large, green GO button or hit your space bar on a keyboard.

This will confirm your ticket purchase and start the game. You can automatically go right to another game using all the same previous choices. Just click GO again after the game is completed and an additional game will start using the same numbers and ticket cost.

You can reverse this process by deselecting your Keno number choices, or start a completely new Keno ticket. That’s all there is to playing one of the most exciting types of lottery games. Now that you’re ready to play, here’s what you could win.

How Much Can You Win Playing Michigan Lottery Keno Games?

Of course, the Keno game with the biggest potential prize jackpot is the in-store Michigan Lottery Club Keno drawing. These drawings occur every 3½-minutes, seven-days a week. The potential top prize for Club Keno is $2,000,000.

Of the five online Keno games on the Michigan Lottery, three of these have potential top prize jackpots of up to $500,000. Both Fuzzball Keno and Instant Keno have top prize awards of up to $200,000. The simple answer to how much you could win playing Michigan Lottery Keno games is “a lot”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Keno prizes claimed?

Prizes $600 or less are deposited into a Michigan Lottery account automatically. For Keno winnings over $600, there will be a pending prize screen after the game. Players simply follow the online prize claim instructions. Keno prizes must be claimed with one year of the date they were won.

Are there any rules for playing Michigan Lottery Keno games?

The rules to play Keno on the Michigan Lottery are simple. You must meet the age eligibility requirement of at least 18. To play Michigan Lottery Keno, you must be a resident of Michigan and within the state borders when picking numbers and playing the game.

Which Michigan Lottery Keno game has the largest prize multiplier

Keno games with prize multipliers add an additional level of excitement. When you uncover a particular symbol or sign, any prizes you win are multiplied. The Michigan Lottery Keno game with the largest prize multiplier is Bullseye Keno. The multiplier is up to 25 times the prize shown.

What are the odds of winning a Michigan Lottery Keno game?

The probability for any of the 80 numbers being drawn in a Keno game is the same for every version. No number is more likely based on straight probability. Each game has different odds of winning particular prize amounts based on additional game features such as multipliers.

Do Michigan Lottery Keno winners have to pay taxes on winnings?

Yes, all lottery prize amounts, including Keno games, over $5,000 are subject to federal withholding taxes. Michigan residents must also pay the appropriate income tax on all lottery winnings, including Club Keno games. Prizes over $600 will automatically generate W2-G to report gambling winnings.

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