Instant Cash and Instant Fun Playing Michigan Lottery Instant Games

The Michigan Lottery sold the first Green Ticket game tickets in November 1972. In its more than 40 years of successful operations, the Michigan Lottery has funneled over $23 billion into the state’s education programs.

The bulk of this revenue came from ticket sales at retail vendors. In August 2014, the Michigan Lottery revamped their website. The changes opened up the opportunity for Michigan Lottery account holders to play lottery games on a PC or mobile device.

With a free Michigan Lottery account, you can purchase tickets for five popular draw games. There is an app to check in-store ticket purchases. However, one of the most popular things about the Michigan Lottery’s website is the instant games you can play online.

What Are the Michigan Lottery Instant Games?

There are nearly 200 various Michigan Lottery instant games you can play. You have 88 different instant games that are offered exclusively at licensed Michigan Lottery retail vendors. Instant games, such as scratch-off tickets, became popular sales at these locations.

Now you can play most of these same exciting games online. The Michigan Lottery online has 98 instant games. There is a little of everything for instant game lottery fans. The Michigan Lottery has matching number and matching symbol games.

You can play the exciting Keno-style games online as well. Online instant games on the Michigan Lottery can be categorized by various themes. Sports fans have five instant games with a sports theme.

There are nine instant games for players who like to match gems. Card players have six instant games with card-themes. You can play the Blackjack Doubler, or the lottery favorite Queen of Diamonds.

Instant games are exactly as the name implies. They are games where you match symbols, numbers or uncover a series of icons. Instant games have different ticket prices, plus you can play multiple tickets.

The nicest thing about instant games is that you can win big cash jackpots in an instant. Three of the Michigan Lottery instant Keno games have a top prize jackpot of $500,000. Now let’s talk about a few of the most popular Michigan Lottery instant games.


What Are the Most Popular Michigan Lottery Instant Games?

When a game pays out big cash jackpots, this frequently gives it a big boost in popularity. However, a game doesn’t always need huge cash payout to make it popular. Games with solid odds for producing winners are also popular.

Let’s take a look at some popular Michigan Lottery instant games that fall into both categories. The Super Cash Buster fits the category for a huge potential top prize. Winners can rake in up to $200,000 in one play.

You roll a virtual dice to try to match a particular color. The big potential prize jackpot and excitement of rolling dice make this one of the most popular instant games. Keno is another game that is fun, plus has big cash prizes.

All three of the Michigan Lottery instant Keno games have a top prize of up to $500,000. Top Shot Keno is new, and the tickets starting at $0.25 has boosted it as one of the more popular instant games.

The Roaring Twenties blends a number of features to make it another popular instant game. Top prize is up to $240,000, but tickets range from $1.00 to $5.00. Roaring Twenties is an exciting matching symbols game.

Caribbean Cashword is a wildly popular word find game. Tickets are as low as $0.25, but top prize jackpots are up to as much as $150,000. The Caribbean theme is also wildly popular. These are just a few of the dozens of popular Michigan Lottery instant games. Now, how can you get in on the action and win some cash yourself?


How to Play Instant Games on the Michigan Lottery

Don’t forget to take advantage of the many rewards offered to Michigan Lottery players. Online accounts can request text notifications of exclusive games, both online and in-store promotions. Online Michigan Lottery accounts can also participate in the Daily Spin to Win.

This is a special chance reserved for online Michigan Lottery accounts. Each day you will have an opportunity to win free in-store vouchers, plus online bonus offers. There are also chances to enter monthly promotions.

Online Michigan Lottery players should also take advantage of the Michigan Lottery Mobile App. You can choose to receive text alerts on jackpot amounts and announcements of new game opportunities. You can also use the Ticket Checker to check for winning tickets.

Navigating your way to nearly 100 chances to win instant cash is a snap. Open up the “GAMES” tab located on the far left-hand side of the main menu. The opening page has ALL types of games and tickets listed.

If you know the name of a specific online instant game, you can input that information in the search box. Players can filter games by in-store or online options only, or include games available on both.

There are six additional filter options to fine tune your instant game search. Under “GAME TYPE”, select INSTANT. This will open up 186 total instant games. To play only online instant games, uncheck the “in-store” option.

You’ll now see 96 online instant games. The two middle filters are for ticket cost and play style. Ticket costs range from $0.05 to $30. There are a dozen different instant game styles. You can play the popular bingo-style games, or opt for the exciting Keno games.

To play any instant game, simply click on the picture icon. You can also use the Play tab, or opt to see a practice demonstration using the Demo tab. Once you’re on a specific game page, there are detailed instructions to show you how to play. All that’s left is to win.


How Much Can You Win Playing Michigan Lottery Instant Games?

Now that you understand how to get to the Michigan Lottery instant games, you may wonder how much you can actually win. Basically, the answer is a lot. There are three Keno-style games that have potential high jackpot amounts of $500,000.

All three of the instant cashword-style games have a top prize of up to $150,000. Bubble Bingo has a top prize of $50,000. The Roaring Twenties is one of 39 symbol-matching games and has a top prize jackpot of up to $240,000.

If you enjoy collector-style instant games, 8 out of the 18 collector instant games have potential top jackpots of over $100,000, including the $200,000 top prize in the Super Cash Buster. In short, you can win thousands of dollars in an instant playing Michigan Lottery instant games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Michigan Lottery online game cards?

Online game cards can be purchased at any Michigan Lottery retailer. These cards have preset amounts. Online game cards cannot be reloaded. They are a onetime-use card. Players enter the online game card code. The entire amount is deposited into their account and immediately available.

Who is in charge of operations for the Michigan Lottery?

The Michigan Lottery functions as an independent agency of the Michigan State Government. There is a Lottery Commission that reports to the governor. The Michigan Lottery Commission is self-funding. The board operates as a business with the goal of maximizing profits, which are funneled into Michigan’s School Aid Fund.

Is there an order that bonuses must be used on the Michigan Lottery?

One excellent feature of bonuses at the Michigan Lottery is that the player can choose what order to use them. Under My Account – My Bonus Activity, players can pick an order for how any welcome bonuses or special promotional bonuses are used.

How are prizes won playing online Michigan Lottery instant games claimed?

All prize amounts under $600 will be automatically deposited into the player’s wallet. There are no restrictions on how many prize awards under $600 that can be added. Prize awards over $600 will automatically generate a prize claim notification link with prize claim instructions.

Are there other promotional offers besides the welcome bonus and 10 free Treetop Treasures games?

All Michigan Lottery account holders can opt-in to receive text notifications of special promotions. These promotions are time-sensitive. Gaining access to free game promotions and special new games activate when the user logs in. Players have 24 hours to play free games.

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