How to Play the Michigan Lottery Draw Games

The Michigan Lottery has dozens of exciting ways to win cash. Everything started with the McCauley-Traxler-Law-Bowman-McNeely Lottery Act passed in 1972. It’s also known as Public Act 239. The first ticket for the Green Ticket game was sold on November 13, 1972.

In June 1977, the Michigan Lottery launched their first terminal, draw-type game, the Daily3. Seven years later, in August 1984, the first “Michigan Lotto” drawing was held. On August 31, 1996, Michigan became a member state in the national drawing for The Big Game.

The Big Game is now Mega Millions™. The Daily3 and Daily4 drawings are still available at Michigan Lottery retail outlets. Michigan Lottery account holders can now play one of five draw games on the Michigan Lottery website. Here’s a look at these five draw games, opportunities that could turn a lucky winner into an instant millionaire.

What Are Michigan Lottery Draw Games?

Draw games are what was originally referred to as terminal games. Most lottery players envision a huge clear drum spinning around in circles, whirling ping-pong balls about inside. Each game has a certain number of balls inside the drum.

Automatic number machines are now used to produce the winning numbers for many draw games. There are a total of 10 draw games available on the Michigan Lottery. Five of those are exclusively sold at licensed retailers.

There are a pair of daily drawings, the Daily3™ and Daily4™. Each of these draw games has two drawings each day. There is a midday drawing and an evening drawing. Players must purchase tickets for these games at a retail outlet.

There are also five games available for purchase online at the Michigan Lottery. These include both national draw games, Powerball™ and Mega Millions™. With a free Michigan Lottery account, you can also purchase tickets for the Fantasy5, Lotto47 and Lucky4Life.

What Are the Most Popular Michigan Lottery Draw Games?

You probably can easily appreciate how a national draw game that could transform your life would be a popular lottery play. Both of the national drawing games available online at the Michigan Lottery, are extremely popular.

There are thousands of Powerball™ and Mega Millions™ tickets sold in Michigan every week. Both the Powerball™ and Mega Millions™ hold two drawings per week. Mega Millions™ drawings are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Powerball™ holds drawings on Wednesday and Saturday night.

Lotto47 is another popular draw game online at the Michigan Lottery. Drawings are held the same nights as Powerball™™™. Tickets for the Lotto47 drawing cost only a $1. The minimum jackpot amount starts at $1 million. Lotto47 is sold in stores or online, but only in Michigan.

Fantasy5 is the only daily drawing available online. This helps boost its popularity. Winning numbers are drawn each evening with a minimum daily jackpot of at least $100,000. The final draw game available online at the Michigan Lottery is popular for a unique reason.

Lucky4Life™ winners can turn out to be just that, lucky for the rest of their lives. The popularity of Lucky4Life is partly due to the excellent 1 in 8 chance of winning a prize. Pick your best five numbers between 1 and 48 and then add your lucky ball number between 1 and 18.

How to Play Michigan Lottery Draw Games

To get started playing all the games offered online by the Michigan Lottery, you need to register for a free account. It takes but a few minutes to open a window of opportunity that could change your life forever.

Once you set up your free Michigan Lottery account, don’t forget to take advantage of the free instant games you receive. You’ll also want to make a deposit into your account to receive a matching bonus offer up to $100.

You can use any money you deposit or win to play Michigan Lottery online draw games. Simply use the main menu icon and select games. Begin by using the online or in-store game filters. There are six additional filters to view specific games.

To begin, under the “Game Type” drop-down menu select draw. There you will see the 10 Michigan Lottery draw games. If you want only those draw games where you can purchase tickets online, filter out the in-store games.

You can also filter by ticket cost, top prize, ticket type, play style and game theme. Since you only have five online choices for draw games, there will be one screen. Select the game you wish to play and open up that page.

Follow the instructions for purchasing a ticket online. Confirm your purchase. That’s about as simple as it gets to put a ticket in your pocket that could make you an instant millionaire. You can also explore the draw game tools available.

You can view past results, research which numbers have been hot and cold, plus input some information to generate your own set of lucky numbers. When you open any specific draw game page, you can also see the most recent winning numbers, plus check previous drawings.

How Much Can You Win Playing Michigan Lottery Draw Games?

Of course, there are often astronomical jackpot amounts for both of the popular national draw games. While there is no guaranteed minimum jackpot currently in the Powerball™, jackpot amounts are invariably many millions of dollars to a winner.

Mega Millions™ also does not post a guaranteed minimum, but likewise has multi-million dollar amounts to a single winner. Each of these national draw games also pays cash to winners with fewer than all the numbers matching.

Lucky4Life produces two top awards. First prize is the potential to receive up to $1,000 each day for the rest of your life. Second place, matching five white balls with the lucky ball correct, will hand a winner $25,000 a year for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to check for winning numbers online at the Michigan Lottery?

Yes, Michigan Lottery account holders can download the Michigan Lottery Mobile App. Using the Ticket Checker feature, you can check the winning numbers from draw games. Michigan Lottery accounts can also receive text alerts for jackpots and special promotions.

Is the Michigan Lottery a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL)?

No, while the Michigan Lottery does offer both the Powerball™ and Mega Millions™ national draw games, Michigan is not one of the 34 member states that are part of the MUSL. The Michigan Lottery also offers tickets for the Lucky4Life™ national draw.

Can players purchase Powerball™ and Mega Millions™ tickets online?

Yes, Michigan Lottery account holders can follow a simple seven-step process to purchase tickets for all five of the Michigan Lottery draw games offered online. Tickets for upcoming drawings can be purchased using a mobile device or on a personal computer.

Are there any welcome bonus promotions at the Michigan Lottery?

Yes, the Michigan Lottery will give new account registrations ten free instant games. Players can win cash playing the popular Treetop Treasures. There is also a matching deposit bonus offer for all new accounts. The Michigan Lottery matches 50 percent of the first deposit up to $100.

Do deposits and winnings held in a Michigan Lottery account earn interest?

The Michigan Lottery does not pay interest on any monies deposited into a Michigan Lottery account, or on winnings held in the balance. It is the responsibility of players to withdraw winnings in a timely fashion. Deposit monies cannot be withdrawn at any time.

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