The Types of Games and How to Play Them on the Michigan Lottery Online

If you haven’t already registered for your free account on the Michigan Lottery Online, jump over there and complete that simple process. You’ll automatically get 20 free game plays before you even make a first deposit. Making that first deposit is easy as well.

Once you have money in your account, here’s a look at the types of games you can play, plus some tips on how to play a few of the more popular options. We’ll also breakdown three of the game types in order of the highest prize amounts you can win.

Types of Games Available on Michigan Lottery Online

The Michigan Lottery has 60 games you can play online. Besides picking numbers for various cash draw contests, there are instant games, Keno style games, games that offer fast cash, plus second chance games.

Some games are online versions of the popular scratch-off games that you can play at hundreds of retailers across the state. The fun is the same, and the prizes are big for the online scratchers. The only thing you don’t need is something to scratch with. Here’s a list of some popular games in each category.

Draw Games

  • Fantasy 5

    The Fantasy 5 is a draw game using five numbers. Match all five and win the maximum cash prize of $100,000. There are also prizes from two matching numbers up. A two number match gives your dollar back to try again the next draw.

  • Lotto 47

    This draw game pays from three out of six matching numbers up. Three correct wins $5. All six numbers correct hits the jackpot amount. Jackpot amounts for the Fantasy 5 are frequently well over a $1 million.

  • Mega Millions

    The next game is a national draw game involving 45 states. You can buy tickets at Michigan Lottery Online for the Tuesday or Friday draw days. Jackpots climb frequently to millions of dollars. Starting jackpot is $40 million.

  • Powerball

    Michigan Lottery Online is also your place to purchase tickets for the popular Powerball draw game. The current Powerball estimated Jackpot is $90 million. Jackpots start at $40 million after there is a winner. This draw game also involves 45 other states.

Instant Games

  • 3-2-1 Draw!

    Start with the number of tickets you and select a cost per ticket. The total will be the number of times the ticket cost. Choose your numbers or pick random. Go back to the main screen to play.

There will be blue, red and yellow winning numbers. When your tickets match these numbers, you win the prize shown. Tickets cost between a nickel and $5. Top prize is $50,000.

  • Instant Riches

    You start by clicking on the right side menu. Using the game adjustments, select the cost of the ticket you want. Close the menu and then begin to press your numbers and the winning numbers.

You can also speed up the process by clicking “Reveal All”. Match your numbers with the winning numbers and you win the prize shown. A “Stack of Cash” symbol wins all 15 prizes instantly.

  • Walrus Winnings

    To play Walrus Winnings, select the number of tickets and the cost of each ticket first. The total cost of that game is these two numbers multiplied together. Click the “Play” tab to start play.

You can “Reveal All” to trigger the game to reveal winners automatically. “Walrus” symbols win the prize on your ticket and a “Sled” sets you up for the Ice Slide Bonus with a guaranteed winner. A “Tree” symbol is also a guaranteed winner from the Snowball Bonus.

  • Lucky 7’s

    Begin playing Lucky 7’s the same way you started Instant Riches. Choose your number of tickets and cost of each ticket. Same situation as before, the total cost of the game will be the ticket number times the cost of each one.

Close the ticket menu and click on “Play”. Like other instant games, you can quickly progress through the game using the “Reveal All” tab or go through the game manually at your own pace. Match any three symbols on a particular ticket and you win the prize shown.

  • Frosty Fun

    Frosty Fun is a cluster removal style game. You purchase tickets the same as for other instant games. When you show three or more matching blocks on a side, this will automatically erase that cluster. As you reveal and remove block clusters, you’ll be credited with the prize shown on the table.

After a block vanishes, a new block will fall down in its place. If you remove five clusters in a single game, your winnings are doubled. Three bonus blocks will unlock a Wheel Bonus. Three gifts earn another bonus and three free play blocks will net you five more free game plays.

  • Queen of Diamonds

    Once you have your tickets purchased for this game, you can begin game play by clicking on “Play”. Queen of Diamonds allows you to play each ticket manually or use the “Reveal All” speed up option.

Uncover a “Queen” and with the prize amount of that ticket. Three “Golden Cards” earn you a chance to play the “War Bonus Game”. This game will have a guaranteed winner. There is also the “Joker”. The “Joker” symbol opens up the “Joker Bonus Game” for another guaranteed winner.

Keno Games

  • Instant Keno

    The first Keno game is quick and fun. You pick a ticket cost between 10 cents and $20. Choose your numbers off the Keno board or let the computer do it for you randomly. Hit the “Speed” tab to adjust how fast the numbers are drawn. Click “Go” and 20 numbers will be drawn. When you match any of the 20 numbers, you win the prize shown.

  • Bullseye Keno

    Bullseye Keno has a top prize of a half a million dollars. Tickets cost between a dime and $4. Similar to Instant Keno, you pick a ticket cost and number of tickets. Set your 20 numbers and click “Go”. Matching numbers win the prize shown, but a “Bullseye” can multiply by your prize 25 times.

  • Fuzzball Keno

    The next Keno game on the Michigan Lottery Online follows the same instructions as the others, but there is a “Turbo” tab to speed up the draw. There are 20 numbers and matching numbers win the indicated prize. Fuzzball Keno has a top prize of $200,000.

  • Wild Time Xtra

    Navigate your way through the left side menu for game adjustments and how much you want to pay for each ticket. Click through to start game play. All winning number matching with your selected numbers win the prize amount for that number.

    When you match one winning number, you unlock another. As you continue to match numbers, you’ll continue to unlock more numbers. When you see a “2X” symbol, the prize amount doubles instantly.

  • Instant Keno Multiplier

    After you get your ticket count and cost per ticket, you can operate from the normal Keno board or use “Quick Pick”. The prize table on the Instant Keno Multiplier game will change according to the cost of your ticket and the amount of numbers you pick. “Turbo” speed increases the rate of draw. There will be 20 random numbers drawn. If any of the draws match your numbers, you win the prize inside the prize table. If you can match 2 “Star” numbers, you prize triples. When you get three “Star” matches, you prize balloons to 10 times the amount shown.

    There is one Second Chance game available, Wheel of Fortune. This is another fun game that mirrors the real-life television game. Tickets to play Wheel of Fortune can be bought for as little as a nickel. The biggest ticket price is $2. Reveal a secret “Envelope” symbol and you win that prize amount. When you get three Wheel symbols in your letters, you’ll be playing for a guaranteed winner. These are three most popular games you can try on the Michigan Lottery Online. Now let’s look at how to play Michigan Lottery Online games, focusing on the fun Instant category.

How to Play the Games of the Online Michigan Lottery

There are five dozen exciting online games you can play on the Michigan Lottery online. It’s easy to sort the games by your preference for the type of game, cost of a ticket and game theme. You can also sort your games using other filters as well.

Playing any of the 60 online games is easy. Just find a game that you think looks exciting and click on the game image. This will give you instructions for how to play the game, plus some information on winnings.

There is a demo tab for every online game. This gives you a perfect visual image of how the game looks before you purchase a ticket to play. You can select various filters, but we’ve pegged the 10 of the more popular instant games to get you started on the winning trail.

  • 3-2-1 Draw! – Top Prize = $50,000:
  • Instant Riches -Top Prize = $75,000:
  • Walrus Winnings – Top Prize = $20,000:
  • Lucky 7’s – Top Prize = $125,000:
  • Frosty Fun – Top Prize = $50,000:
  • Instant Keno Multiplier – Top Prize = $500,000
  • Queen of Diamonds – Top Prize = $60,000
  • Wheel of Fortune – Top Prize = $60,000
  • Instant Football Payout – Top Prize = $100,000
  • VIP Platinum – Top Prize = $60,000

You can play any of these fun games online by falling the menu instructions listed above. The last two games, Instant Football Payout and VIP Platinum, use the same formats as other games.

The difference is in the themes and structure of how the prize table is displayed. Each of these games could net thousands of dollars in one ticket. Speaking of big prizes, let’s break down each game type listing those that have the highest prizes on the Michigan Lottery Online.

Games on the Michigan Lottery that Payout the Biggest Prizes

It’s simple to filter your game choices on the Michigan Lottery to scan those that have the biggest prizes. The first step is to click on the games tab. Next, you can use the filter to pick specific types of games or leave it set for “All”.

As we mentioned, you can also filter your choices by ticket type, ticket amount, play style and game theme. There is also a drop-down window on the right side called top prize. You can use this filter to select between seven specific payout amounts from $1 million down to under $5,000.

There is also a filter for progressive payouts. Scrolling down slightly, you will see “Sort by” drop-down window. There are a number of criteria you can set in this window. The one we’re targeting for you here is the sort option “Top Prize: High to Low”. Here’s the top ten list for Michigan Lottery Online Instant, Keno and Draw games.

Top 10 Highest Paying Online Instant Games

  • Bullseye Keno – Top Prize: $500,000 – Ticket Price: $0.10 – $4.00
  • Instant Keno Multiplier – Top Prize = $500,000 – Ticket Price: $0.25 – $20.00
  • Quick 6 – Top Prize = $250,000 – Ticket Price: $0.05 – $5.00
  • Diamond Payout – Top Prize = $250,000 – Ticket Price: $0.50 – $5.00
  • Roaring 20s – Top Prize = $240,000 – Ticket Price: $1.00 – $5.00
  • Fuzzball Keno – Top Prize = $200,000 – Ticket Price: $0.10 – $20.00
  • Instant Keno – Top Prize = $200,000 – Ticket Price: $0.10 – $20.00
  • Super Cash Buster – Top Prize = $200,000 – Ticket Price: $1.00-$10.00
  • Triple Gems -Top Prize = $160,000 – Ticket Price: $0.10 – $10.00
  • Fruity Cashword – Top Prize $150,000 – Ticket Price: $0.25 – $5.00

Highest Paying Online Keno Games

  • Bullseye Keno – Top Prize = $500,000
  • Instant Keno Multiplier – Top Prize = $500,000
  • Fuzzball Keno – Top Prize = $200,00
  • Instant Keno – Top Prize = $200,000
  • Wild Time Xtra -Top Prize = $75,000

10 Highest Paying Online Draw Games

  • Powerball – Estimated Jackpot = $90 million
  • Mega Millions – Estimated Jackpot = $65 million
  • Lotto 47 – Estimated Jackpot = $1.3 million
  • Fantasy 5 – Estimated Jackpot = $100,000

Frequently Asked Questions About the Michigan Online Lottery

What is the game with the best odds on Michigan Lottery?

When calculating the games with the best odds offered by the Michigan Lottery, the Super Raffle tickets are the best. Online, it’s hard to beat the Instant Keno game that can produce a huge cash winner at any given moment. The odds on Instant Keno Multiplier are a little less favorable, but this game has a top prize of $500,000.

Can I play Scratchers on Michigan Lottery online?

Many of the 60 games available on the Michigan Lottery Online are just like the scratcher games you purchase in-store. The only difference between these games is that you can adjust the speed numbers are revealed online.

In addition, you don’t need something to scratch with. In addition, your winnings are posted immediately into your account so you can play again.

How do I play Instant Keno?

Start out by choosing a ticket cost. Instant Keno tickets range from 10 cents and $20. Select the numbers you want off the Keno board. You can also use the computer option to pick numbers randomly.

The “Speed” tab will adjust how fast the numbers are drawn. Select the “Go” tab. There will be 20 numbers drawn. When any number you’ve picked matches the 20 drawn, numbers you’re a winner.

How old do I have to be to play instant games on Michigan Lottery?

Like all lottery games in Michigan, including the sales of in-store draw and scratcher tickets, you must be 18-years-old to play. These same rules apply to setting up a free Michigan Lottery Online account. Someone allowing underage play using their account could be subject to having their account terminated.

This is a look at a few of the game types and some tips on how to play. We’ve given you a list of the online games at the Michigan Lottery that have the biggest potential cash paydays. All you need to do is register for a free account, and you may be on your way to a million dollar payout.

Millionaires are made almost every day on the Michigan Lottery Online. The only stopping you from being the next millionaire is possibly that winning online game ticket. Get out there and play today.

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