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Setting Up your Account with Michigan Lottery

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Welcome Offers and Bonuses

Join the Michigan Lottery online today for free. There are plenty of bonuses ready for you to keep the fun going.

Why Should You Join?

It’s free and fun to join. You will receive up to $100 Free and 30 Free Instant Games. You can play scratchers online plus your favorite online games such as Queen of Diamonds and Wheel of Fortune. There is no reason you shouldn’t join!


Your Guide for Playing the Michigan Online Lottery

In 1972, the legislators in Michigan enacted Public Act 239. This was the beginning of a lucrative revenue source for Michigan public education. From the first Green Ticket game in the early 1970s, the Michigan Lottery games and opportunities to win have exploded.

The Michigan Lottery paid out the first $1 million prize in February 1973. Two years later, the first instant games were available for in-store purchases. Terminal-based instant games began in the summer of 1977, the same year the Daily 3 started. The popular Michigan Lotto cash draw game started in August 1984.

It’s still active and has been a huge success. Michigan sold its first ticket for The Big Game, which is now the nationally recognized Mega Millions. Since the first Green Ticket was sold nearly a half a century ago, the Michigan Lottery has generated over $20 billion for the state’s School Aid Fund.

Michigan Lottery Welcome Offer Promo Code

Playing with free money always makes the games even more exciting. The Michigan Lottery as a promo code to welcome all new players. Using the MIPROMO promo code, new accounts will get $100 in free cash.

There is also a bonus of $20 to play for free the Treetop Treasures instant game. First thing after you set up your new account, (which we will explain momentarily), use the promo code to get your $100 welcome bonus.

To get up to $100 deposited into your Michigan Lottery account, simply deposit up to $200 into your account using the deposit methods discussed below. Next, follow the simple instructions to earn $20 worth of free plays on Treetop Treasures.

Enter the promo code – MIPROMO. There is an empty text box after the final registration step to enter the code. Once you set up a new account, your $20 in free plays will be credited. You can deposit money after you play your free instant games. You do not have to make a deposit first.

Michigan Lottery Promotions

The Michigan Lottery has exciting promotions. There are daily specials, plus a variety of promotions posted every week. One of the first promotions to take advantage of is the free deposit bonus that welcomes you as a new account.

It’s good to check out the promotions page frequently, as there will be new opportunities posted. Always open the offers page to check for new offers from the Michigan Lottery. These often include in-store instant game offers and in-store promotional coupons.

One important promotion to check daily is the Daily Spin. If you miss out on this promotion, you’ll miss your chance at a $5,000 payout made every month. There are also prices for in-store instant games and an assortment of online free plays as well.

There are also individual game promotions such as the Lucky 7’s Family of Games. This is an exciting game that awards prizes from $5,000 up to $2 million. Michigan Lottery also has a Let’s Play Giveaway promotion.

You can earn an entry into huge cash prize games by playing or scanning an in-store game card from various games. Check the Let’s Play Giveaway page frequently to see which games are eligible to earn your free play and chance to win thousands.

How to Sign up on Michigan Lottery

Getting started on the Michigan Lottery is simple. Registration is free. Here are the steps you need to take to set up a free online Michigan Lottery account. After you finish the free account registration steps, you’ll be ready to play and win.

  1. From the top menu bar, go to Michigan Lottery Account Registration.
  2. Enter a valid email address and create a password for your account.
  3. Open this email account and verify your email address.
  4. Fill out all the requirements on the personal information page.
  5. Finishing setting up your free Michigan Lottery account by confirming your registration.

Don’t forget, as soon as you complete the new account registration process, you’ll have $20 worth of Treetop Treasures to play. You start right off playing these free games, or go ahead and make a deposit to generate your welcome bonus cash.

When you submit an application for a Michigan Lottery account, you agree to have your age and location verified. The Michigan Lottery reserves the right to use identity-verification technology or other methods to verify your information is authentic.

How to Deposit on the Michigan Lottery

You can start winning cash immediately after you complete the account registration process. If you want, go ahead and play your free instant Treetop Treasures games. Or, get right to the process of getting the $100 welcome bonus credited to your account. Here’s how to make a deposit on the Michigan Lottery

  1. Login to your account homepage.
  2. Select the “make a deposit” tab.
  3. Choose how you want to make deposits into your Michigan Lottery account.
    You can deposit money into your account using any of the following:
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • PayPal Account
    • Online Game Card
    • ACH Bank Transfer
    • NETeller

  4. Enter your accurate credit card or bank account information.
  5. Input the amount you want to deposit
  6. Check the deposit summary information, and if everything is correct, hit submit.
  7. Make sure you review the confirmation screen for accuracy.

Each time you make a deposit you confirm that you are physically located in the state when making the deposit or playing games. Normally, you will not be required to provide documentation that you are depositing from an account you are authorized to use.

However, the Michigan Lottery may request documentation in the event there is a question. You may be required to provide such documents at a physical claim center.

Types of Online Games of the Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery offers a variety of game types online. Game types are divided into six basic categories. You can filter your game search using the dropdown tab for game types. Those six categories are Draw, Pull Tab, Instant, Fast Cash, Keno and Second Chance. Here’s a list of some popular games from each category.

Draw Games
Club Keno
Daily 3 & Daily 4
Fantasy 5
Lotto 47
Mega Millions

Instant Games
3-2-1 Draw!
Instant Riches
Walrus Winnings
Lucky 7’s
Frosty Fun
Queen of Diamonds

Fast Cash Games
100X, 50X and 20X The Cash
Big Bowling Bucks
Diamond Wild Time
Doubler Wild Time Progressive
Jackpot Slots and Jumbo Jackpot Slots
Wild Time Progressive

Pull Tab Games
Ca$h Cannon
Break the Bank
$1,000,000 Cash Blowout
$15,000 Cash Explosion
Big League Brew

Keno Games
Instant Keno
Club Keno
Bullseye Keno
Fuzzball Keno
Wild Time Xtra
Instant Keno Multiplier

Second Chance Games Wheel of Fortune
$300,000 and $500,000 Wild Time
Cashword Millions
Multi-Prize Bingo
The Big Spin
Super Bingo

How to Play Michigan Lottery Games

Playing games on the Michigan Lottery is fun, exciting, and most importantly they could change your life. It’s easy to find games and even easier to play them. You can play online, or search in-store game options.

The Michigan Lottery website also shows you which retailers sell which in-store games. The best place to play Michigan Lottery games is right online. You can play on a PC, or download the Michigan Lottery app to play using any Android or iOS handheld device.

One excellent feature of the Michigan Lottery is the opportunity to demo games before you purchase a paid chance to win money. You can’t win on the demonstration, but you can see which games you think you’ll enjoy playing more.

There is a section under the “Resources” tab where you can learn all you need to know to have fun playing any of the online games, including the cash draw contests. For the cash prize games, you can also use the Ticket Checker on the Michigan Lottery mobile app to see if your numbers are winners.

There are ways to combo your numbers for the Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto 47 and the Fantasy Five. Each game has a demo option to look at before you’re play for money. The Michigan Lottery also provides pages of information to make sure all your questions have answers. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, they also have three methods to contact them for help and support.

Michigan Lottery Games with the Biggest Prizes

To see the dozens of fun games that you can play on the Michigan Lottery online, all you have to do is click on the “Games” tab to get started. Once you’re on the game page, there are filters you can use to sort through all the games and find the ones you like the best. Here’s a list of some of the higher paying games, instant, draw and Keno.

The first choice you have is to filter by online or in-store. This filter is conveniently located on the top right over the list of all games. On the left side, you can enter a specific game name if you already know what that is. Under these search options are six more individual sort boxes.

You can search by game type, ticket type (single or multi), ticket costs, gameplay style, top prize and game theme. Each of these sort options is set at all when you first visit the “Game” page. To further break down your game search, you can set the default filter at one of five choices.

This filter is set at default, but you can also see games by featured, newest to oldest or oldest to newest, top prize and price. There are two search criteria for you to choose from under both the top prize and price per play filter options. Now, let’s look at the highest prize games in three categories.

Top 10 Highest Paying Instant Games

$150,000,000 Payout – Top Prize = $4,000,000
$4,000,000 Winner – Top Prize = $4,000,000
Royal Millions – Top Prize = $4,000,000
Worth Millions -Top Prize = $4,000,000
Millionaire’s Club -Top Prize = $4,000,
$4,000,000 Cash -Top Prize = $4,000,
Diamond Dazzler – Top Prize = $2,000,000
Money Money Money – Top Prize = $2,000,000
$2,000,000 Jackpot – Top Prize = $2,000,000
100X the Cash – Top Prize = $2,000,000

Highest Paying Keno Games

Club Keno – Top Prize = $2,000,000
Bullseye Keno – Top Prize = $500,000
Instant Keno Multiplier – Top Prize = $500,000
Instant Keno – Top Prize = $300,000
Keno – Top Prize = $250,000
Fuzzball Keno – Top Prize = $200,00
Instant Keno – Top Prize = $200,000
Wild Time Xtra -Top Prize = $75,000

10 Highest Paying Draw Games

Powerball – Estimated Jackpot = $90 million
Mega Millions – Estimated Jackpot = $65 million
Club Keno – Top Prize = $2,000,000
Lotto 47 – Estimated Jackpot = $1.3 million
Keno – Top Prize = $250,000
Poker Lotto – Top Prize = $100,000
Fantasy 5 – Estimated Jackpot = $100,000
Daily 4 -Top Prize = $5,000
Lucky For Life™ – Top Prize = $1,000 a Day for Life
Daily 3 – Top Prize = $500

How to Claim Prizes

Claiming your winnings on the Michigan Lottery is simple. The only requirement is to have a payment method chosen and at least a $10 balance in your account. You can withdraw any portion of a balance once it’s at $10 or more.

The withdrawal process is very similar to making a deposit into your Michigan Lottery account. Login and select the “Withdraw Funds” tab. Next, select the method that you want your funds sent. Have your driver’s license number ready for verification.

For ACH transfers, make sure you have the account number and routing number for your bank account. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Finally, check all your credit card and bank account information to make sure these numbers are correct.

Clicks “submit” and your transfer will be processed. Keep a record of the transaction, or request one on the confirmation page in case there are any problems. Transferring prize winnings to the account of your choice is that simple.

Michigan Lottery Website Features

Grabbing in-store game tickets or purchasing cash prize lottery tickets is always an option for playing the Michigan Lottery. However, there are dozens of fun games, including getting tickets to the big cash draw games online.

The Michigan Lottery has built a website that is user friendly to make playing these games enjoyable, while at the same time safe and secure. Across the menu line there are five individual tabs.

You can go straight to an easy-to-read games page. Adjacent to the games tab is a resource link that is full of information. You can quickly see all the current promotions by linking through to the third link across the menu bar.

There is also a responsible gaming tab and a final tab that tells you everything you might want to know about the Michigan Lottery. Inside each of the individual pages the website continues to score highly. There is ample white space to make reading the information easier.

This also allows you to zoom in on certain pages to get a better view. Maybe the most important pages are the games pages. These are very well organized and eye-appealing. The blend of colors is easy to follow and read.

Games are explained briefly, but you can also click on a large demo tab to get a look at any game before you decide to pay and play. Across the bottom line of the website are easy-to-read lists of the important information you may want.

You can view all the games by category, or get answers to frequently asked questions under the FAQ tab. There is a complete section containing three links to all the legal disclosure information.

The Michigan Lottery finishes with an icon list of the methods you can use to deposit, plus a social media menu so you can instantly follow Michigan Lottery news on the social media outlet of your choice.


The Michigan Lottery has a tremendous variety of games and ways to win cash.

It’s easy to register for a free Michigan Lottery account.

Depositing and withdrawing money takes minutes.

The promotional welcome bonus gives you 20 free instant games, plus you can get more money with the cash welcome bonus.

The website is colorful and easy to use.

There are three ways to get quick answers to your questions using phone, email or live chat.

Once you have a free account, you can choose to be notified of exclusive offers and get jackpot alerts on big cash draw games.


Once you make a deposit, you agree that you will not withdraw any portion of the deposit. You can withdraw prize winnings from the Michigan Lottery, but you cannot reverse deposits.

If requested, you must provide authentic documentation of your identity and location. This could include consent for the Michigan Lottery to use geo-location technology to confirm you are inside the state border when depositing or playing online.

All ticket sales and game purchases are final. Once you begin a game or purchase a Michigan Lottery ticket, you cannot request a refund.

Michigan State Lottery Players Club

The Michigan Lottery rewards player loyalty. If you enjoy playing lottery games, you need to sign up for the Michigan Lottery Players Club. This is a special rewards program that offers special incentives for frequent players, plus an assortment of daily promotions.

Players can form their own Michigan Lottery Players Club of friends and family members who love to play. The Michigan Lottery Loyalty Program is very similar to the Players Club.

The Loyalty Program is a process available to all players and rewards you with Loyalty Points. The more you play, the more points you earn. Loyalty Points accumulate, and you can use them to play more games.

How to Contact Michigan Lottery Customer Service

You can get answers to any of your questions about the Michigan Lottery using the phone. There is also the option of using the online live chat window.

In addition, the Michigan Lottery has a lengthy list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the website. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for there, contact them via email, phone, or use the live chat window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michigan Lottery online safe and secure?
Anyone thinking about playing the fun games or getting tickets for big cash drawings using the Michigan Lottery has nothing to worry about. The site is safe and secure. Not only is all your personal and financial information secure, the Michigan Lottery respects your online privacy rights as well.
Is Michigan Lottery online legal?
The Michigan Lottery is completely legal. Anyone can register for a free account, as long as they meet the location requirements for signing up, depositing funds and playing games inside the state borders. All you have to do is meet these location requirements and be over 18 years old.
How much can you win on Michigan Lottery.com?
The amount of money you can win on the Michigan Lottery can be summed up in one word, astronomical. There are prize draws that award the winning ticket millions of dollars. Individual games such as Keno frequently pay prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Monday Keno winner, for instance, won a quarter million.
When is the Michigan Lottery drawing?
There are drawings throughout the week on the Michigan Lottery. Wednesday and Saturday are the big Powerball drawings, and the Mega Millions draw is on Tuesdays and Fridays. During the week, there are two Michigan Lotto47 drawings on Wednesday and Saturday as well. You can check the “Resources” link and find a full calendar for every Michigan Lottery drawing date and time.
Which Michigan Lottery has the best odds?
The Michigan Lottery game that gives you the best odds of winning could make you a millionaire. With odds nearly 300 times better than games such as the Powerball, the Super Raffle game gives you a 1 in 100,000 chance of hitting it big. Individual instant games have various odds levels, but to have the best chance at hitting for big money, this is the game with the best odds.
Where does the Michigan lottery money go?
During the nearly 50 years the Michigan Lottery has been offering fun games and cash drawings, there have been over $1 billion in prizes awarded. While the winners have benefited, the infusion of funds into the School Aid Fun in Michigan has been phenomenal. In 2018 alone, over $900 million was transferred to help Michigan’s school children.
Can Michigan Lottery winners remain anonymous?
According to Michigan House Bill HB6489, lottery winners have the right under the Michigan Constitution to remain anonymous. Michigan is one of only six current states that allow have an anonymity clause in their state lotteries.
What were the Michigan Lottery numbers last night?
The last Powerball and Mega Millions drawings were over the weekend. Saturday’s Powerball numbers were 24, 44,46,50,51. The Powerball was 13. The MegaMillion numbers on Friday evening were 2, 3,14,41,64, with 17 as the kicker. You can check the winning numbers tab or navigate through the available games to see the most recent winning numbers. Players can also request an automatic winning number alert through Twitter. You don’t even need a twitter account to sign up for these alerts.
Who won the Michigan Lottery? (speak being able to find it online)
Certain cash prize draw winners are listed on the Michigan Lottery. You can find out how much was won, where the winning tickets were sold, including retailer and city, by searing the “Resources” tab and selecting “Big Winners”. You can also use the number tools tab to look at the recent hot and cold numbers, plus look at possible upcoming lucky numbers.
How much are Michigan Lottery tickets?
The amount for Michigan Lottery tickets varies according to the game. Scratch off tickets can be purchased for as little as $1. You can play most games either in-store or online. Large cash draw games have single number options, or the choice to purchase bonus chances and kickers.
How to delete Michigan lottery account?
To delete a Michigan Lottery account, you simply need to request to close your account. You can do this at anytime. The Michigan Lottery may request specific information to verify your identity before you can delete an account. You are responsible for any balances and the process of final money transfers.
Is there a Michigan Lottery Mobile App?
If you want to play on the go, you’ll love the Michigan Lottery Mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. You can play on any handheld device, phone or tablet. Each feature that you can use on the main website is available using the Michigan Lottery app. The Michigan Lottery is now approaching its 50th anniversary. Since that first Green Ticket was sold in the early `70s, the Michigan Lottery has infused billions of dollars into the Michigan education system. The children in Michigan have benefited and so too have those people who love the excitement of playing lottery-style games. Probably the most excited people of all are those who have claimed big cash prizes on the Michigan Lottery. You too could be a big winner. All you have to do is sign up for a free Michigan Lottery account and start winning today.
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